Our Story

Why did we start Circularity Boutique?

We know we have to change our shopping habits through direct action.

1. Removing usable items from the landfill.  We have enough stuff to last for multiple generations, and some of the older things are made better, with better materials. We want to encourage re-use and recovery in a direct way.  The textile industry is one of the biggest global polluters, and choosing secondhand is a way to fix the problem.

2. Moving money into the local economy. We purchase items from our local area, and that money stays within our community. When you purchase a secondhand item from us, it allows us to continue to share the benefits directly - right here.  

3. Reducing big box monopoly and waste by creating an alternative.  Small businesses provide one-of-a-kind alternatives to multinational corporations. Recycling, repairing, and re-using items prolongs their lifecycle, reduces waste, and decreases our carbon footprint.